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Visiting Our Newcastle upon Tyne Chiropractic Practice

Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic adjustment room

Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic adjustment room

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation will be approximately 45 minutes long. You will receive a warm welcome from our reception staff and handed a pamphlet explaining what you can expect from today’s visit. There is no need to bring any special clothing – just comfortable loose clothing as you will be fully clothed throughout.

It will consist of a thorough case history, a full physical examination – to include a thorough chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological examination. Once this is complete, we will give you a Report of Findings where we discuss the problem you have, an appropriate treatment plan and start the process of healing by administering your first treatment if it is appropriate to do so.

Second Visit

The Second Visit will last approximately 15 minutes, we will address any questions you may have following your initial visit and continue your treatment programme.

Subsequent visits will last 15 minutes and will consist of treatment with regular Re-assessment sessions to measure your progress. We will also discuss the relevant exercises you can do to help your recovery.

Each visit builds on the progress made in the previous visits. If you think Chiropractic could help, contact Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic today.