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Visiting Our Newcastle upon Tyne Chiropractic Practice

Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic adjustment room

Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic adjustment room

At Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic we aim to make your treatment process as stress-free as possible. Finding the right chiropractic treatment is easy when you trust our professional team in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

What Happens During the First Chiropractor Consultation?

Managing your joint, muscle or back pain can be difficult but during your initial consultation with us, our team will put you at ease. Your first appointment will last around 45 minutes and during this time we’ll discuss your medical history and symptoms before our professional chiropractor gives a physical examination.

After our chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological examination we’ll have a better understanding of how we can relieve your symptoms. You’ll receive a report and treatment plan so you’ll have all information at your disposal.

What Happens During Subsequent Chiropractor Visits?

The Second Visit will last approximately 15 minutes, we will address any questions you may have following your initial visit and continue your treatment programme. We are always open and honest, so no matter what you’re concerned about we’ll provide as much information as possible.

Following appointments will last around 15 minutes including your particular treatment such as chiropractic massage, alignment or sports injury therapy. We will also discuss the relevant exercises you can do to help your recovery.

Each session will build on the previous visit so gradually you will improve on flexibility, reduce pain and improve your everyday life. If you think Chiropractic could help, contact Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic today.