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Common Football Injuries And Recovery

From keen Sunday League players and those who take their football seriously, to those who simply enjoy a kickabout in the local park, injuries can be picked up whatever the circumstances. Football is a contact sport, opening up plenty of opportunity for bumps, bruises, cuts and even worse. Let Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic take you through some of the most prominent strains and pains, alongside effective solutions for a quick recovery – so you can get back to staying active yet again on a consistent basis.


Concussions are increasingly being taken seriously within a number of sports (notably boxing, rugby and football) as these traumatic brain injuries can have serious short and long-term consequences. Causing the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth, a concussion may not seem like much to the individual receiving a sudden blow to the head.

These occurrences have been studied by professionals, who estimate that around 10% of all contact sport athletes sustain concussions yearly. If you’ve experienced this nasty knock, make sure to rest up and allow yourself time to recover.

Foot And Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain of course can relate to a wide array of injuries, be it a swollen lower-foot, a bruised ankle or a niggly pain within your joints. One of the most effective remedies to this pain is chiropractic treatment. Our specialists use a number of hands-on techniques to assist clients and patients, and with individuals of all ages, situations and conditions visiting Forest Hall on a daily basis, we’re a local chiropractor well-equipped to help you recover.

Groin Strains

The stretching, jumping and lunging performed by footballers can lead to groin issues, with one of the most prominent being pesky groin strains. Making even the subtlest of movements somewhat painful and uncomfortable, a daily routine can be obstructed by such an injury. Though not all groin strains are severe as others, they often result in a constant pain just beside the inside of the upper thigh, making intense exercise almost impossible.


Hernias are perhaps more common than you think, and occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall. Triggered by repetitive motions such as sprinting, leaping or extending a limb, hernias are usually visible, and can appear as a bulge or subtle swelling underneath the skin. If you’re suffering from a hernia, seek medical assistance and try not to overexert yourself through sudden movements.

Forest Hall Sports Chiropractor

Though at Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic we excel at all things chiropractic, be it dealing with back pain, a sporting injury or the result of gradual repetitive movements. In addition to this fantastic care, our practice offers nutrition counselling, pregnancy massages, and Indian head massages too. Discover how assistance from a local chiropractor may help you by contacting the team today to schedule an appointment, we would be delighted to guide you through your options.

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