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How To Treat Back Pain

How To Treat Back Pain

How To Treat Back Pain

Whilst there is no set, specific treatment for handling back pain, there are a number of different methods of treatment you could consider. The type of treatment you require for your back pain will likely depend on the severity of the issue, with treatment ranging from simple over-the-counter painkillers, right up to chiropractic adjustment, anti-inflammatory drugs and in extreme cases, even surgery.

Below, we outline some of the most common treatments for back pain, from at-home remedies and stretches to medication and chiropractic treatment.

Good Posture

Practising good posture can prove vital in relieving your back pain, helping to keep your bones and joints in proper alignment. As your posture realigns, this greatly decreases the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces, thereby reducing the stress placed on the crucial ligaments holding the spinal joints together allowing your muscles to work more efficiently. All told; good posture helps to prevent muscle strain, overuse disorders and back or muscular pain.

Exercise & Physical Therapy

When suffering from back pain, it may seem like the sensible idea to quickly get into bed and rest up, but this can actually compound the issue further, weakening your muscles and bones, potentially leading to greater back pain and additional complications. You should avoid over-resting, (no more than a day or two), before getting up and slowly beginning to move and exercise again. In fact, exercise is proven to be one of the most effective ways of relieving back pain, and can be performed in several different ways, including swimming, walking and simple yoga exercises.

Hot & Cold

Applying ice regularly to the specific areas of pain on your back can prove pivotal in the reduction of pain and inflammation, helping to bring down swelling and ease discomfort. You should apply an ice pack to the area several times a day for as long as twenty minutes per session, wrapping the pack inside a thin towel to protect your skin.

After a few days of cold treatment, you should then switch over to heat, by applying a heating pad or warm pack in order to relax muscles and increase blood flow.


Whilst it shouldn’t be used alone, nor as a primary source of treatment, taking over-the-counter painkillers will reduce some of the discomfort caused by back pain, at least for a while. Elsewhere, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, (NSAIDs), and acetaminophen are typically prescribed to relieve more serious, frequent issues with pain.

Sleep Well

Back pain can cause havoc with your sleep, causing enough discomfort to prevent you from resting properly, leading to even greater back pain and further interrupted sleep; a vicious cycle that can be difficult to shake off. When going to sleep, give yourself the best possible chance of comfort by lying on your side on a firm, yet comfortable mattress. Place a pillow between your knees, as this will help maintain a neutral position whilst you rest, relieving strain on your back. If you are more comfortable sleeping on your back, try placing the pillow under your knees.

Chiropractic Treatment

A highly effective method for alleviating back pain, chiropractic treatment won’t just treat the symptoms, it will also determine and target the root cause of discomfort. Should you suffer from chronic lower back pain, chiropractic adjustment is designed to correct underlying spinal misalignments that may be causing never interference- a leading cause of back pain.

Forest Hall Chiropractic | Why Choose Chiropractic Treatment?

Affecting up to 80% of all adults at some point in their lifetime, chronic back pain can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and debilitating. Brought on by a number of different sources, such as age, medical conditions, or issues with muscle spasms or arthritis, back pain can range from mild to discomfort to potentially life-altering, near-permanent pain.

Below, we outline the key reasons why choosing chiropractic treatment can prove to be highly beneficial in treating back pain.

Reduce Pain

One of the most obvious, yet important reasons, for chiropractic treatment, is to help treat, reduce and potentially eliminate back pain, relieve you of your pain, and help you to get on with your life. When back pain is at its worst, it can feel debilitating, denying us of our mobility and usual freedom of movement, but it needn’t be permanent. With chiropractic treatment, there are a number of methods used to relieve you of your pain and strengthen the muscles around your back through exercise. Treatments such as chiropractic adjustments can be crucial here, alleviating pain quickly.

Increase Mobility

As suggested, chiropractic treatment can have a significant impact on your mobility, helping to alleviate pain and help get you moving again! Chiropractic adjustment is used to delicately increase the mobility of your spine, reducing nerve compression, thereby reducing pain.

Chiropractic treatment can help identify and adjust muscular imbalances to help relieve chronic pain, targeting areas where there are remaining muscle spasms to decrease inflammation and reduce pain further. Once your spine has been correctly aligned, your symptoms should disappear quickly.

Tailored Treatment

A key advantage of choosing professional chiropractic treatment from the experts at Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic is knowing you will receive first-class, one-on-one attention from a licensed professional who will discuss your needs and requirements with you. Well before we perform any chiropractic adjustment, we will discuss in-depth with you about your condition, to understand your unique medical conditions, symptoms or specific areas of pain. After all, it’s important we remember everyone is different, and this is why our Chiropractic services reflect this, expertly designed to relieve back pain, neck pain or any other kind of musculoskeletal issue.

Prevent Recurrence

Expert chiropractic adjustment and treatment won’t just alleviate existing symptoms, it will also help to prevent your pain from returning, as you work to improve and correct spinal alignment, reducing nerve interference. Chiropractic treatment is designed with repeated visits in mind, improving your mobility, your overall health and your immune system, as well as reducing the risk of developing diseases related to neurological dysfunction such as Alzheimer’s.

Improve Health

A professional chiropractor will carefully assess your spine for any misalignments, in order to determine the cause of the issue, be it structural, (i.e spinal alignment), or neurological, (neurotransmitters). Once a diagnosis has been reached, a chiropractor will then work to correct these areas in order to correctly restore your nervous system’s function. Using chiropractic treatments delicately designed to your wants, needs and requirements, a chiropractor will then perform therapeutic exercises specifically intended to improve your own individual health. Vital in improving your overall health, chiropractic adjustment treatment is designed to promote a healthier spine and central nervous system.

Not only this; but by scheduling an appointment with a professional chiropractor you will dramatically reduce your reliance on painkillers and over-the-counter medication to help alleviate your symptoms. Continued use of painkillers can pose their own health concerns, capable of leading to a number of harmful side effects of their own, without ever really fixing the issue at its core. Chiropractic treatment can prove to be an ideal alternative to constant painkiller use, as well as more serious action, such as surgery.

Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic | Professional Chiropractic Services In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Looking for chiropractic treatment? At Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic, we understand that everybody’s experience of medical conditions and symptoms is different and our chiropractic treatment options reflect this. The skilled team offer a range of chiropractic services for joint, back and neck pain, as well as a number of sports chiropractic services that are perfectly designed to ease sports-related injuries or pain.

Offering professional chiropractic adjustment treatments and expert advice for each and every one of our clients; if you’re suffering from neck pain, back pain, or any other kind of musculoskeletal issue, our experienced team in Newcastle upon Tyne are here to help. Contact us today.

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