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What Happens If You Leave Back Pain Without Treatment

What Happens If You Leave Back Pain Without Treatment

What Happens If You Leave Back Pain Without Treatment

Nearly every person has had some kind of problem with their back at some time in their life, whether it’s a persistent issue or a temporary problem. Most people just seem to accept back pain as a part of life, so will not seek any treatment for it and just live with the pain until it goes away.

Long story short, this isn’t a good solution. Here is what happens if you leave back pain without treatment.

Consequences of Back Pain

The biggest consequence of not getting treatment for back pain is that you will probably be left with chronic back pain. Most of the time your pain is caused by a specific injury, so if you don’t get it treated, the injury will not recover or heal properly. Chronic back pain can lead to a number of issues, such as anxiety, depression, reduced quality of life and addiction to painkillers.

A large percentage of those with chronic pain have mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. It can make you feel helpless and sleep-deprived. This could lead to missing work, degradation of relationships and spending more money on antidepressants and other medication.

Back pain causes you to change the way you move, which can put a strain on parts of your body and eventually lead to more injury. Prolonged nerve irritation like this could lead to nerve damage, spinal stenosis or a permanent disability. You’ll also find you’ll suffer from a loss of mobility. Going a long time without treating your pain will cause the injury to accelerate, leading to chronic stiffness and a loss of mobility. This will lead to major issues with both your mental and physical health.

If your body isn’t moving, your muscles will not be as strong as they can be, leading to fatigue if you try to start moving again. The longer chronic pain goes on, the harder it is to fight off some of the consequences. However, you should never think it is too late. Even severe problems can be solved with the proper treatment. It may be a slow journey to get back to normal but is never out of reach.

Local Chiropractic Services

Forest Hall Chiropractic Clinic, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, are experts in dealing with back and neck pain. We’ll meet with you and find out exactly what the issue is, and then offer solutions and provide treatment to help solve your problem. Your health is our primary concern, and we work with everybody from babies to the elderly to help with their issues.

Everyone suffers from back pain, but nobody has to live with it forever. Give us a call on 0191 216 1100 to request

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